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A group of Anglican teachers came together and formed an association to protect their common interest, advance the quality of their lives and above all support any member when ever the need arose. These teachers were teaching in different schools established by and managed by the Anglican Church. The name of the association was Nsukka Anglican Leaders of Thought (NALT).

The association started gaining strength from inception. After a short while, the association attracted interests from non members. The association decided to accommodate other friends, colleagues and relatives who (though were not teachers in Anglican schools) requested to join the association.
Our Services
Micro Credit Scheme
The major activity of Nalt Nusho Foundation is to empower indigent women economically by giving them refundable Loans. The Foundation has been doing this for over 25 years.
Nalt Nusho Foundation believes in rendering other services that would advance the quality of life of the rural inhabitants. It does this by educating its beneficiaries. Knowledge is power and without knowledge even the loan given will not be effectively utilized. Sequel to this, the organization has been making considerable efforts to educate the local Populace.
Health Services
The Foundation also renders health related services. The organization has done greatly in enlightenment campaigns in such health related issues as HIV / AIDS, Reproductive Health, Malaria etcetera.
Rights Issues
Nalt Nusho also make great impact in the area of rights issues. In developing communities including Nigeria, women’s rights are greatly violated.
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News and Events
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